Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adachi Park

Yesterday, on my way home from an appointment I dropped into a park that I've always wanted to visit. It's on the foreshore of the Swan River in Belmont. Another reason for my interest is it was designed by Perth Landscape Architects at Hames Sharley where I did some work experience as a student and later some contract work.

It was built to reciprocate ' Belmont Park ' in Adachi-Ku - Tokyo, Japan. They have five black swans living on an artificial lake there! Adachi-Ku is Belmont's 'Sister City ' which is a really nice concept where both cities participate in cultural and student exchanges. There is a photo on the City of Belmont's website taken at the opening of the park.

Orange Orchid Tree : Bauhinia galpinii

One of the many plants chosen for their suitability in both style and hardiness for this landscape. There was also a mauve Bauhinia blakeana nearby.

Gateway, pathway, steps and a meandering garden spill down this slope to the foreshore. It looks like natural flagstones in Toodyay Stone have been used for the pathways.

Crepe Myrtle : Largerstroemia indica ( mauve )

This tree grows to 6-8m high x 5-6m wide with beautiful mottled silvery bark. It would have to be one of my favourites.

Dwarf Pittosporum : Pittosporum tobira ' Miss Muffet '
This plant has grown lusciously around a limestone boulder.
It forms a nice glossy green cushion up to 1m high with a spread of 2m.

Cast concrete stepping stones over a ' dry riverbed ' lead to the main pavilion. Fun for children and adults alike! An alternative path is available for those less able. There was also a series of timber decked platforms closer to the river's edge.

Crepe Myrtle : Lagerstroemia indica ( pink )

It's a bit hard to see in this photo but there's some Japanese text carved into the gate house. Despite it being in the middle of the day ( and 33 degrees ) there were a few people using the park to exercise, picnic and recline in the shade.


  1. For me, it looks like Japanese garden.
    Claire, I have two blogs without the Word Verification and never had any problems, except recently - two days in a row, someone left about 10 comments - it was handbag sale spam. I just removed them, that's it. I think the word verification would prevent such spam. Fortunately, it was just a single case. If they would bother me a lot, I guess I'd turn on this feature. Good luck to you!

  2. Beautiful Japanese garden. I love the pergola. Is there any river - I thought I saw one ...Blossom Blooms

  3. Enjoyed this visit, Claire. Thanks or sharing it, and allowing a window into this site in Western Australia.

  4. Thanks Claire for stopping at Adachi Park to take the beautiful photos for the world to enjoy. I live in Ascot and yes it is a very beautiful park. Even to drive by. The Swan River sets beautifuly behind the park, which makes it even more spectacular. I have even seen the river dolphins playing in the background during a wedding ceremony. We just got back from Adachi Tokyo in Japan with the Belmont delegation 2015 group and visited the Belmont Park. The park is also very beautiful with may different types of rose bushes, some West Australian trees and a federation style, 2 story building made from Whiteman Brick. It has a lake in the center, unfortunately the swans are no longer there.
    It's fantastic to see a relationship between the two sistercities working so well and it was an amazing cultural experience. I would recomend this trip to any Belmont residence and hope more countries and cities start a program such as this one. Congratulations Adachi and Belmont on a job well done!