Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Home beneath the Gum Tree

When we bought our house an enormous Gum Tree was part of the deal.Everyone who comes over for the first time says " wow that's a huge tree! " or words to that effect.The conversation then usually moves on to discussions about branches dropping,messy leaves and shouldn't we have it removed and so forth.Despite these flaws we have always loved it and so do the Kookaburras.

Gum Tree by night, spot lit for Christmas.

Tree for Sale : Tasmanian Blue Gum - Eucalyptus globulus ( house included ). I would never suggest planting one, growing to 15-50m high x 12-25m wide they are completely inappropriate for a suburban sized garden.

A Kookaburra having a laugh at us!

"Is this my good side?"

A good friend of ours, Steve from Arlington Tree Services lopped a few branches for us to lighten up the canopy.Unfortunately the more you trim Eucalypts the more they re-shoot so you should always call in a specialist.Someone cut this one back to a stump then allowed it to re-grow which is why its main trunk is multi stemmed.The local council trims the side which over hangs the street to allow traffic through ( told you it was big! )

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  1. Thanks for showing us this wonderful tree! I especially like the pictures with a bird!