Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nature or Nurture?

Lately I've been wondering how much of an influence my up-bringing had on my choice of career and lifestyle.

This is the property / hobby farm my parents owned when I was born in a small town called Erica,Victoria. It was a large property with enough space for livestock, organic produce and lots of pets.

Here is their well kept veggie patch. My Mum wrote a diary where she made record of when everything was planted and harvested. Here are some of the things that they had growing :
Vegetables / Herbs :
Lettuces,Potatoes,Butter beans,Green beans,Barlotti Beans,Corn Radishes, Cabbages, Broccoli,Cucumbers,Zucchinis,Chervil,Tomatoes,Green Capsicum,Celery,Mushrooms, Cauliflowers,Onions,Kohl Rabi,Swedes,Chinese Spinach,Silver Beet,Rhubarb,Carrots,Spring Onions,Chives,Basil
Fruit Trees :
Cherry Plums
Using the above various preserves, beverages and sauces were made.
Some of these included :
Homemade Food :
Plum Sauce,Golden Plum Jam,Gherkins,Ginger Beer,Blackberry Wine,Beer,Cider,Herb Salad Dressing,Tomato Chutney,Pizza,Bread,Meatloaf

In her diary, a full menu for a meal for a party with friends is described :
'Asparagus Rolls, Sweet Corn, Chicken Kiev, Cheesecake and Trifle'
It seems that I have not only been influenced by my parents love of gardening but also a passion for cooking, crafts and pets.

Hobbies : Here are some of the hobbies mentioned in her diary : Pottery, Wool Spinning, Sewing ( Mum made some of her own clothing ), Screen Printing and Yoga. I remember several pieces of Macrame' which was popular at the time floating around our house as a child.

My parents kept horses which they rode and one came second in a local racing event. There is record of when they were shod and ridden as well as some costs for feed / bridals / saddles etc.

This is a kid that was born to their goat called ' Ethel '. She became sick once from eating some Rhododendrons and was treated with liquid paraffin.

Bantam chooks. Apparently the survival rate of the chicks wasn't very good and some of them were hatched in a fry pan inside the house!

So organic farming and home produce is nothing new and ' the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree'!


  1. Nice post and interesting pictures, thanks!

  2. For this born-and-bred city girl, your post is truly fascinating.