Friday, February 6, 2009

Perth Waterwise Plants cont.

Here are some plants that perform well in Perth Native Gardens.

Groundcover : Scaevola ' Purple Fan Fare '
Planted on mass these create a beautiful carpet of purple. Scaevolas are available in other colours but the flowers tend to be more delicate and don't put on as much of a show.Growing to 200 -600mm high by 1000 - 2500mm wide make these an economical choice for ground coverage. Expect flowers in spring and summer.

Grass : Dianella revoluta ' Little Rev '
Not such a new comer anymore this Dianella hybrid was one of the first in a ever increasing list of compact forms of Dianella. It is generally described as growing to around 300-400mm high x 300mm wide although I have seen them get to around 500 -600mm high and wide. If it's a smaller grass you had in mind, Dianella ' Baby Bliss ' would be a better choice. Both of these varieties have blue/grey foliage. Like most Dianellas it has a blue and yellow flower held on stalks that extend beyond the foliage in Spring.

Shrub : Acacia cognata ' Limelight '
I love this plant's fuzzy texture and rounded growth habit. It will be happy in full sun /part shade. It grows to around 800mm x 800mm and takes on a bonsai appearance as the plant matures and the foliage becomes less compact. Looks at home in a Japanese / oriental style garden.
Feature Plant : Xanthorrhoea presseii
The previously politically incorrect ' Grass Tree ' is one of few architecturally shaped natives suitable as feature plants. They look best in groups of two or three ( as shown ) and as single, multi stemmed specimens. Care is required at planting or transplanting to ensure ideal growth conditions.
Try Grasstrees Australia or Replants who are both local specialist suppliers of grass trees.

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