Thursday, February 5, 2009

Perth Waterwise Plants

With summer heating up and Perth's water restrictions we are all looking for ways to conserve water in our gardens.With this in mind I thought I would post some water wise plants.These are non-native although I will follow these up with some natives tomorrow.

Groundcover : Arctotis ' Hannah '

This is a great hardy ground cover for adding some colour.They're available in red,pink,yellow and orange varieties. 'Hannah' grows to 500mm high by 750mm wide although there are some lower, ground hugging varieties.They tend to spread but in a defined, manageable clump.Flowering in spring and summer these are brilliant for daisy chains!

Grass : Kniphofia ' John Benary '

Also known as ' Red Hot Poker ' a name which is harder to forget! These are also available in yellow and even a greenish shade. Again, very hardy and colourful.They grow to approx.750mm high with flower spikes that extend to 1000 - 1200mm. Flowers appear in late spring to summer.

Shrub : Raphiolepis indica alba

I tend to use this one in my designs a fair bit. Growing to 2400mm high by 2000mm wide eventually, it is quite slow growing and I have rarely seen one of those proportions.I mainly use it for it's waterwise properties but also for it's glossy dark green foliage and pretty white flowers in winter till spring.It can be clipped into a medium sized hedge.It's also available in a dwarf variety ' Oriental Pearl' and a pink variety ' Springtime '.

Feature Plant : Draceana hookeriana

If you saw this one at a nursery you'd probably think it would need heaps of water.
Provided they're in a partly shaded position ( mine are in morning sun with full shade for the remainder of the day ) they require surprising little water. It would also be suitable as a potted indoor plant.This draceana grows to 1500mm high.I planted these about 3 years ago from a 17cm pot and they now measure about 1000mm x 1000mm to give you an idea of the growth rate.

If you are looking for more waterwise plant ideas have a look at the Water Corporation's Website

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