Friday, February 13, 2009

Raised Garden Beds

Raised corrugated iron garden beds have become popular recently, especially for veggie patches. They bring the plants up to a level that is more comfortable to garden at without the expense of building a planter box from more permanent materials such as limestone or rendered brick.It's taken container planting to a whole new level. See Gardener's Direct's website.There is an element of risk involved in using corrugated iron to retain soil. A more substantial structure may be required for levels above 300mm.Bear in mind that retaining structures 500mm and above require council approval.Internal waterproofing may also be a good idea.

I noticed this garden while out for a walk near my sister's house with my nephew.This would have to have been installed on site from individual sheets of Colorbond.I'm not sure which colour they've used here but it looks like ' Loft '.The beauty of using colorbond colours is that Dulux paints have a matching colour range.Here they have used the same colour on their roof guttering.

The raised garden bed informally defines this front garden from the street without the need to build a low wall or fence.I imagine the bougainvillea is a good deterrent for passers-by thinking of straying off the path! The cascading ground covers have a nice softening effect.

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  1. This is something new for me! I've never seen raised beds made from such material. The very first thought was that it adds kind of contemporary element to design. Claire, thanks for your comment and pick. That picture was taken 5 years ago on Valentine's day. It is one of my twin boys and a girl who is also a twin; they were 5 years old then. Have a great day!