Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday in the Hills

Every Sunday my husband plays baseball for Carine Cats.This week they played Kalamunda at their ground in Maida Vale. Here he is on the pitching mound.

After the game I took the opportunity to visit Zanthorrea Nursery which was down the road. I have fond memories of being brought here as a child to play in the cubby while our parents chose some native plants for our garden in Kalamunda.

It still has the wide range of natives that it's famous for along with some annuals,vegies, fruit trees and succulents.The nursery is well laid out with some display gardens for planting ideas.They even have a resident Border Collie which adds to the homely shopping environment.

The grounds are dotted with quirky sculptures that are bound to delight

Cast Iron Agave - didn't think they could get any tougher!

Nice arrangement of succulents that caught my eye

The cubbie's long gone but they haven't forgotten to cater for the kiddies

Then I headed up the hill past our old house to have a sticky beak and into Kalamunda for lunch with my Dad and Sister.We were wandering through Stirk Park when we noticed a few things had changed.Namely the couple of characters in the middle of the pond who seem to have packed up their fishing rods and finally gone home.Judging by the condition of the water I can't say I blame them.Shame they left their legs behind!

This is a photo I managed to dig up of the pond as it was during our childhood.The old chess board is still there but alas - no pieces. Something that hasn't changed is the vintage graffiti art on the toilet block which was done at the Zig Zag Festival in 1999.We were happy to see the mosaic on the stage area still intact as my sister and I had been involved in its creation.


  1. Claire, I like those metal sculptures and, also, the succulents. I am ready to adopt all of them!

  2. Hi Claire,
    Nice blog, I really like the metal Agave!