Sunday, March 29, 2009

City Beach Garden

This is a garden we designed for a newly built residence in City Beach which is currently on the market. The builder had already constructed most of the walls, planter boxes and steps. We were involved with the planting and paving design.

Brazilian Jasmine : Mandevilla 'Pink Fantasy' Eventually this vine will be trained to grow along the balustrades. It can also be used as a great ground cover.
Olive Tree : Olea europa ( central tree )
Pink Butterflies : Gaura ' Ellena ' ( beneath tree )
Escallonia : Escallonia ' Pink Pixie ' ( future hedge in background along wall ) Artificial turf was used in this area as it was inaccessible to lawn mowers and too large to be all garden bed.
Cottonwood Tree : Hibiscus tiliaceus rubra was chosen for its dark foliage and the coastal growing conditions of this site.

Ornamental Pear Tree : Pyrus calleryana ' Red Spire ' ( foreground )
Dwarf Magnolia : Magnolia ' Little Gem ' ( background )

Standard Rose : Rosa ' Angel Face ' ( Lollipop shape )

Paving : Exposed Aggregate by Limescapes with Granite capping to the steps. These landscaping works were carried out by Stewart Winsor from Winsor Landscaping who has done a brilliant job.


  1. Nice Job Claire, it looks good! I didn't know that Mandevilla can be used as a groundcover?
    Did you find it difficult convincing yourself to use artificial turf? I must say I found it hard to justify using it in a garden, but now I'm convinced it has its place.

  2. Thanks Ross, in this case my client had already decided to use it. I think it has its place too, especially for areas where lawn wouldn't normally grow. Its also a very waterwise choice. You can't beat the look of a well kept real lawn but not everyone has the time to maintain one.
    As long as the Mandevilla hasn't already been trained on a trellis it can be encouraged to grow along the ground. Other vines I've used as groundcovers are Hibbertia and Star Jasmine.