Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sculpture by the Sea

My sister suggested we head down to Cottesloe Beach to see Sculpture by the Sea with my nephew as a treat for his second birthday.

This was his favourite without a doubt " BIG bike, up, up, up? " Try explaining to a two year old that climbing on the sculptures is not allowed.

This was one that seemed to be designed to be interactive ( for children anyway ). It was very sturdy so there wasn't much chance of any damage being done. It was a series of wire framed ' igloos ' connected by tunnels.

This was my sisters favourite : a giant wrist watch. She liked that way the straps looked like real leather.This one reminded Aiden of a doggie. He thought the strap looked like a tail. That's the beauty of sculpture, it's open to every ones own interpretation.

Some of the giant object sculptures were grouped together giving the impression that you'd stumbled upon a 'giants playground'.This one had Aiden asking to "draw?".Other giant objects included Lifesavers lollies, a Scrabble letter rack and an enormous sink plug.

One of my personal favourites. These steel cubes were linked together to form a kind of chain mail mesh entangled amongst the rocks of the pier.
Another of my favourites, a sculptural arrangement of partially buried sea shipping containers which have seemingly ' washed up ' on the beach.
I like the juxtaposition of the rusted and painted textures of these two surfaces and the precarious way that they're balanced.
This side of the container had the sheeting removed providing a view of the ocean through slatted steel ribs disappearing into the sand.

I was drawn to the colour of this obelisk and the way it compliments the sea. When you get up close you notice that its reflectiveness is its best quality.The artists who created this sculpture have been invited to participate in the same event at Bondi Beach, Sydney.

They had an SMS voting system for the public to choose their favourite sculpture.Which would you vote for? The sculptures will be there until the 24th of March if you're keen to check them out.


  1. Wow! I feel like I am in the land of giants! And, you know what else I like here? NO CROWD! It looks like you had the whole shore for yourselves! My favorites are the watch and the green thing at the very end.
    Thanks for sharing, Claire!

  2. Thanks for coming with us sis. It is a good idea to go on a not so perfect day so you don't have to compete with the crowd.

    I'm hoping Aiden will grow up creative like us.