Monday, March 2, 2009

Small Beginnings

After talking and thinking about growing a veggie patch for the last few years, I've finally started one, well just! We were having dinner at a friend's place and had some delicious tomatoes from her garden with our salad. Nola suggested I take some home, squish and dry out the seeds then plant them.

So a week ago, I did just that. Here are the tomato seeds drying out in the sun. The tomatoes are an unusual orange colour. For the past week I've been watering them daily, feeling fairly sceptical and a little foolish, until....

They sprouted! I can't wait to watch these grow. They've already doubled in size since I took this photo. Small beginnings, but it's a huge deal to me. I have no idea if it's the right time of year to be growing tomatoes from seed but I figured that if they're fruiting now, the fruit would naturally be dropping to the ground and growing into seedlings. Maybe I'll have some fruit next summer?

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  1. Good start, Claire! You are braver than me. I just buy plants. I remember watching my Mom growing tomatoes, etc. from seeds - seeding, turning, taking outside-inside to strenthen... A lot of work! Good luck to you. Will wait for pictures. Nothing could beat that feeling of satisfaction when you get your own plants from seeds!