Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tomato Update

I planted my tomato seeds two and a half weeks ago now so I thought I'd give an update on their progress. They're starting to grow foliage that resembles a tomato leaf. Until now the leaves were propeller shaped. Now there's no mistaking that they're not some freakish weed I managed to grow from the potting mix - they are definitely tomato plants!

I made the trellis with some bamboo canes from our garden and some thin wire. I wanted to get the trellis up before the seedlings grew too big. As it was I managed to squash a couple in the process! Have a look at my earlier post 'Small Beginnings' to see how much they've grown.


  1. Claire, Hi! How many plants are you going to keep in this container?

  2. Not sure, Do you think I need to space them out?
    I was going to see which ones were the strongest. Maybe four plants in this container.