Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Autumn Update

With the stress of summer behind us and the weather getting cooler, conditions are better for planting. Here are some new additions to my own garden I've planted over the last few weekends.

Salvia : Salvia ' Victoria Blue ' I replaced our Petunias with these hardy perennials. I'm hoping they'll last until Winter when I like to plant Pansies. These pots have had a purple theme this year. Perhaps I'll have a colour change next time?

Rosemary : Rosmarinus officinalis ' Tuscan Blue ' Part of my potted herb garden which also includes Thyme, Sage and Chives. I'm hoping for some lemongrass soon.

Thai Chilli : Burkes Backyard ' Colours of Silk ' Range ( ' Taste of Thai ' ) I definitely based my choice of this by its colour. Now I'm reading the tag which says it has a rating of 7 on the international scale. This scale is out of 10, so I figure they're pretty hot. Hope my dog who eats anything remotely palatable doesn't get hold of these, he might have a rude shock! I planted these next to our Buddha ( the original plants got fried in the summer sun )

Basil Combo : ' Limelight Basil ', ' Purple Leaf Basil ' and ' Sweet Basil ' More herbs for cooking. My husband has been using them in our meals. He has Jamie Oliver's ' Flavour Shaker ' which he finds does a good job of mashing up the herbs but they're difficult to remove from the ball and shaker if they're moist.

Pride of Madeira : Echium candicans A shrub I've been wanting for a long time. It's hard to find in nurseries so when I found some whilst taking plant photos at a retail nursery, I seized the opportunity. These grow to 2-3m high and wide with the most beautiful ( and enormous ) vibrant purple flower spikes. They're also very tolerant of dry conditions.

My Tomatoes are still doing well! See my previous posts at planting and an earlier update. I have since thinned the seedlings out and given the others away to friends.

Our Lemon Tree has grown! I love this new bright green growth. The leaves smell amazing too.

Cape Gooseberry : Physalis peruviana A childhood favourite, our Mum used to grow these which we nearly always ate unripe because we were too impatient! The taste is instant nostalgia for me. We went to ' Gooseberry Hill Primary School ' which is another childhood connection. I can't wait to introduce our nephew to these, at the moment he's too young to encourage strange berry eating!

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