Friday, April 24, 2009

Pirate's Palace

Although not really garden related, but this is a DIY story about a home renovation albeit on a miniature scale! My sister and I decided that after 20 odd years since our last attempt, it was time to give our old Dolls House a lick of paint.

BEFORE : A little worse for wear I think you'd agree. Prior to being in this state it had been covered in cream and brown spotted wall paper. Our dolls house renovations always seemed to coincide with when our parents were working on our real house. We would get hold of any scraps of carpet, lino and left over paint that were at hand.

We removed the roof and base as these were the most damaged. Then we painted a white base coat. Some spots were quite rough and needed poly-filling. Dad was happy to help with cutting a new roof and base. After all, he was the original builder of this masterpiece!

AFTER : History repeated itself and we used the colours my sister and brother in law are planning on painting the units they're building at the moment. So this became a kind of testing ground to see if they worked well together. We bought carpet and lino for the floors and the kitchen even has glass mosaic tiles.

The New Residents : A family of Pirates arrrgghhh!

Our Nephew playing with his new toy. He's only just getting to the right age for make believe so it was perfect timing. Here he is giving one of the Pirates a much needed bath.


  1. Good job, Claire! What fun project!

  2. Ahoy there Matey - Great job! Hope many hours of fun are had playing with the pirates.

    from 4kidsplay

  3. Wow, what a cute project! I bet Aiden will love it.