Saturday, April 4, 2009

Plant Pics

As a designer it pays to have as many visual aids as possible to help my clients imagine what their garden will look like. It's all very well using a botanical name, or even a common name but it's unlikely that they will know what I'm talking about, especially if they are non-gardeners. That's why I like to present them with photos of their planting scheme. For this purpose I have an ever expanding collection of plant photographs. Here are some of the latest additions to my ' Plant Database '

Pineapple Lily : Eucomis ' Sparkling Burgundy '
This one nearly came home with me, especially with the flower spike ready to burst into a pink spear. I restrained myself with the question " where would I put it? " Unfortunately my garden doesn't have much free space for planting anymore. Something has to go before I plant something new.

Cordyline : ' Southern Splendour '

A variety of cordyline I hadn't seen before. It has a nice pink and burgundy variegation. I try to include a tag in my photos so when I use them ( sometimes years later ) I can still correctly identify the plant.

Mexican Lily : Beschorneria yuccoides

Another new one ( to me anyway ). These would make a suitable alternative to Yuccas where structure is needed without the tall stem. A great feature plant or potted specimen.

Correa : Correa ' Wins Wonder' Brilliant ground covering form of 'Native Fushia' . This has a dense, spreading habit up to about 500mm in height.

Flax : Phormium ' Flamin '
This red hybrid stands out amongst numerous burgundy varieties of this popular grass.

Flap Jacks : Kalanchoe thrysiflora
It's good to see this one becoming more readily available.

Dianella : Dianella tasmanica ' Destiny ' A new dwarf form of Dianella. I'm excited about this one as it only grows 300m x 300mm. I have always liked variegated Dianella but until now they've been a bit tall in my opinion.

Acacia : Acacia howittii ' Honey Bun ' Gorgeous cushion shaped shrub growing to 1500mm x 1500mm ( small for a wattle )

All of these plants are currently available to tradespeople from Benara Nurseries, Perth's main wholesale plant nursery. They have a very helpful website for selecting plants. Ask your designer, landscaper or gardener if you would like to include any of these in your garden. Otherwise Benara also distributes to many retail nurseries around Perth and Australia.

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  1. Claire, I like all these plants that you showed. I have some cordylines and flaxes. Although they have tough times in winter, they survive. But my Acacia is gone, it didn't like the cold winter winds.
    I love the Kalachoe on your picture! Nice post!