Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fast Office Makeover

The amount of time I spend in my office on the computer seems to be increasing daily. Along with my design and drafting work I also blog, email, facebook and we just started shopping for our groceries online. I needed to liven up my work space to preserve my sanity.The long term goal is a complete makeover but I had to settle for a quick DIY project for now.

I usually have several jobs ' on the go ' and needed a way of organising them that was also decorative. I saw an article in Real Living Magazine last year which gave me the idea of hanging clipboards on the wall. I wasn't thrilled about the concept of sticking six self adhesive hooks on the wall ( they cost about $4.00 each ) so I decided to use an old cork notice board to attach the clipboards to instead.

My first shopping trip was to Officeworks where I bought 6 x Masonite Clipboards for $7.65 each.Next I needed to find something suitable to cover them with. The magazine article had suggested wallpaper or gift wrap. I was considering using fabric but then decided to use white self adhesive vinyl book wrap for its ease of coverage ( or so I thought at the time...) in hindsight the paper would have been easier! After a few failed attempts I needed 3 rolls and they were $9.00 each from my local newsagency.

I also went to Spotlight and bought 120cm of Aqua ' Coated Twill ' from their remnants bin for $1.90 ( bargain! ) then 380cm of some rather expensive striped ribbon for $22.45. I then stretched the fabric and ribbon over the cork board and stapled it to the wooden frame from behind. I found some white plastic coated cup hooks lying around to hang the boards with.

So for just over $100.00 I made myself a new work station that I'm quite pleased with. This would have been slightly more of course if I didn't already have the cork board and cup hooks. It's proving to be very useful for keeping my paperwork in order and brightening my days.

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