Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Zealand Natives

I have never designed a New Zealand styled garden. It seems strange when so many of their native plants grow well in our Australian climate that this style isn't more popular. So I thought I would explore some plant choices for such a garden. I have used all of these plants before but usually they are combined with Australian natives or other exotics.

Pittosporum tobira ' Miss Muffet '

Pittosporum ' Creme De Mint '

Carex testacea

Cordyline australis ' Sundance '

Gordonia axillaris

Phormium ' Sweet Mist '

Phormium ' Yellow Wave '

Metrosideros ' Dalese '

My only other consideration when putting this scheme together was colour. The main colours in the foliage are lime green, orange and yellow. I also used some plants with darker green foliage for contrast. There are many more plants ( and varieties of the ones shown ) that could be used in a New Zealand styled garden. Coprosma, Astelia, Libertia and Xeronema would also make excellent additions. The best websites I've found for New Zealand Natives are Liddle Wonder
and Lyndale Liners


  1. Hi there, Many New Zealanders thrive in the Bay Area. My garden embraces Coprosma, Astelia, Libertia, Corokia, Westringias, and some plants that I have read are native to both NZ and Australia, such as Dodonaea. Does this ring any bells for you? Sometimes I can't recall if I've read that a plant I'm growing is considered native to both countries. But I do know the Australian species can tolerate our usual six/seven-month dry spell. CheersA

  2. Alice,Yes all of the plants you mentioned grow well here too.The only one I haven't heard of is Corokia - looks like a good hedging plant? I think you're right about Dodonaea being native to both.Westringia is an Australian native. Next time I go plant shopping I'm going to buy some Xeronema callistemon (Poor Knight's Lily)