Thursday, June 4, 2009

Long Weekend

Sometimes the best holidays are the unplanned ones. Last Monday was a public holiday in Western Australia for Foundation Day. It had taken us by surprise and we hadn't arranged to do anything. When friends invited us to their farm in Greenhills ( near York ) for the weekend we jumped at the opportunity because we've always had such a nice time there in the past.

Here is some of the fresh produce we picked and cooked with over the weekend. Some of the vegetables on hand were silver beet, chard, eggplant, chillies and capsicum. There is also a fruit tree orchard protected from birds by a netted enclosure. We picked some mandarines,oranges,lemons,limes and persimmon.

There are two prosperous vegetable plots and we added a third during our stay. We cleared a wheelbarrow's worth of weeds before planting seedlings of onions,broccoli,cabbage,basil and thyme. The whole bed was then mulched with hay.

There are two dams with Yabbies ( small fresh water crustaceans ). We caught some in traps baited with chicken. We set two traps twice and caught enough for an entree to feed six people for dinner. First we boiled them briefly before removing the shells and tossing them in a pan. Half were flavoured with butter and thyme. The other half with fresh chili, green capsicum and garlic. Both were delicious!
This has been a work in progress. Last time we came to the farm we helped with the bodywork on our friends ' Car-B-Q '. It has been sprayed since our last visit. Hopefully next time we can lift the bonnet and cook some Yabbies on it. If you look closely the temperature gage has been installed in the bonnet.
A collection of Recycled Bottles adorns this vine trellis.
This sunset was redder than this in real life. Maybe it's time for a new camera?
Painted wooden Magpie windmill.
The latest residents on the farm.There are two mothers with their calves.The one in the foreground is my favourite ' Daisy '.
Potted Jonquil bulbs on the veranda.Can't wait to visit again in September for our friend's 30th birthday party.You may also enjoy this story.