Monday, September 7, 2009

Ornamental Grasses

Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on foliage and flower colour whilst choosing plants. Often it is their texture which is their best attribute. Here are some grasses with a 'soft and fuzzy' appearance.

Purple Fountain Grass
This is available as an Australian variety (alopecuroides) and exotic (advena rubrum, setaceum rubrum ). Exotic varieties of this plant can become invasive in bushland areas. Listed as a weed in some states

longiflolia 'Tanika'
This Australian native grows to 600mm high in the sun or part shade

Great for mass plantings where a blue/grey foliage is required

poiformis 'Courtney'
Native 500mm tall ornamental grass

European blue/grey 300mm cushion forming grass

'Frosted Curls'
This 400-500mm weeping grass originated in New Zealand.

An orange/brown variety


  1. Beautiful grasses, good pictures. Thank you Clare! Do you know any grass that would tolerate wet feet in winter (not cold winter)?

  2. Tatyana,you could try Dwarf Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus nana)which is fuzzy and will grow directly in water.It can be a weed in some climates so do some research before planting it where you live.

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