Saturday, November 21, 2009

Plant Sourcing

A few weeks ago I worked on a project which involved sourcing some plants for a job I designed in Lesmurdie. I chose the stock by hand at two different wholesale nurseries to ensure quality and that the varieties were as close to ones I had specified as possible.

Left : Agonis flexuosa nana ( Weeping Form )
Right :
Dianella ' Emerald Arch '

There were a few that weren't available, unhealthy or too small. This meant I had to choose an appropriate substitute. The plants are loaded onto trolleys then delivery was arranged for 2 days later.

Left : Correa ' Wins Wonder '
Right : Dianella ' Cassa Blue '

The brief for this planting scheme was low maintenance / water requirements. The site also had a bush setting on an escarpment meaning that natives were a must. Many of the species chosen are dwarf meaning they won't grow too tall and block views or require too much pruning.

Left : Acacia ' Honey Bun '
Right : Correa ' Wins Wonder '

Ground covers were used to reduce evaporation from the ground and discourage weeds. Plants were grouped densely to give an instant garden effect and reduce water wastage.

Acacia ' Honey Bun '
This Acacia grows 1.5m high by 1.5m wide and is a fairly new on the Perth plant scene.

Hardenbergia ' Purple Spray '
This Native Wisteria was hard ( pardon the pun ) to find. I think I bought the last of the stock at the time. This one was chosen as a ground cover for a sloped area where I imagine it will cascade down nicely. It is commonly used as a vine.

Left : Lomandra ' Tropic Belle '
This native grass grows to 1.5m high with sprays of pale yellow feathery flowers.

Lomandra ' Tanika '
A smaller growing Lomandra at 700mm with fine foliage.

Callistemon ' Endeavour '

This wasn't the plant I initially had in mind for a position in front of 2 -3m high wall. However I couldn't resist the profuse flowers and the height of these specimens. They should also be fast growing and soften the wall in no time.

There were more plants for this job than I've shown. The house has a modern Mediterranean feel so we used a lot of succulents ( Agaves, Mauritian Hemp, Echeveria ) as feature plants. There were also some advanced Frangipanis, Olive and Grass Trees. Stay tuned for photos of the finished job.

I'm finding that there is more demand for plant sourcing at the moment than design. For a job as big as this one a design is essential. For smaller jobs where the garden beds are already established I offer a 3 hour consultation to write up a Planting List which can then be used to quote and supply the plants. Please let me know if you're interested in this service.